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Welcome to sites of Museum Tesla in Trest!

Museum Tesla is a non-state, non-profit exposition established by Historical Czechoslovakian Radio-club seated in Trest. Museum Tesla has been developing gradually since 1995 and according to our sources at the present day it has the biggest collection of the similarly aimed exhibits in Europe. Collection items were gathered and stored in various parts of the republic. In May 2003 the building of former granary in Trest near Jihlava was successfully bought into the property of our radio-club. After 10 years of reconstructions and adaptations, which are still far from over, in August 2012 the first public exhibition named "Tesla, the Heritage of CZ Electric Industry" was ceremonially opened in the building, with the significant help of MAS Trestsko and successfully obtained grant of the EU Foundations.

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12. 5 -
Dear visitors and friends of our museum!
We would like to inform you that the results of the competition “Golden Rowanberry” held by Region Vysočina, which our museum was nominated into in the category “Upkeep of the Cultural Heritage” for “Renovation of the Historic Granary Building for the Presentation of Museum Tesla”, have officially been announced. We got the wonderful second position and so we would like to thank you this way for your nominations and for your votes sent to our museum! We deeply appreciate your favour and we are surely going to continue in further reconstructions and adaptations of the exhibition spaces and expositions. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to your visit!

1. 3. 2017
Dear visitors and friends of our museum!
We would like to inform you that the building of our museum was nominated among 30 best ones in category of "Upkeep of the Cultural Heritage" in the prestigious competition "Golden Rowanberry" held by Vysočina Region Office. The nomination is a result of the reconstruction and renovation of the historic granary building a its adaptation for the needs of Museum Tesla. The annotation (in Czech) is available here. We think this is a kind of a respect for all those who have taken part in its reconstruction by their persistent and unselfish work as same as by the material and financial presents. Voting is in course from 1st March on the websites of Vysočina Region http://extranet.kr-vysocina.cz/zlata-jerabina/  Indeed, everybody can vote, so if you have friends or mates who would like to support us too, send them the link for voting. The winners of the competition will be the subjects of a promotion at the first place, but they will also receive the financial present, which will be certainly needed for financing of the future work of reconstruction.
In case you want to support us, please vote and keep the fingers crossed for us!

7. 2. 2017 -
Dear visitors! Despite the fact we are having a very nice winter, the first one in many years our museum is still open for you. We can offer you the tours of the two permanent expositions, but also of the new exhibits from the field of the professional TV technology, which we managed to get into our collection. If you come to Trest be sure to call us and to visit our museum.

6. 2. 2017 -
Listen to the new instalment of the radio programme „Česko země neznámá“ about our museum: http://www.rozhlas.cz/kraje/cesko/_zprava/v-muzeu-tesla-v-tresti-maji-vysilaci-pult-z-ceskeho-rozhlasu-i-prvni-ceske-pocitace--1694595


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